Friday, July 12, 2013

Master Bedroom Redo: Carpet and Chevron

I have always wanted my bedroom to be an oasis.  Someplace to get away from everything.  I also wanted it to look pretty.  I am soooo not good at making things pretty.  Thank goodness Google and Pinterest exist.

Last fall, our older son moved in with his mother.  We (of course, meaning I) decided to take over his bedroom as our own.  He had no motivation to pack up his stuff because he has another complete bedroom at his mother's house.  After three days of long, back-breaking work, I got everything cleaned and packed up.  I ripped the carpet out.  The nasty, NASTY pink carpet that had been in there since the dawn of time. My son was in charge of cleaning his own room so he didn't... at all.  I didn't care because I didn't have to look at it or live in it.  This lack of cleaning left the carpet in a state.

First, there was a huge black spot under his bed.  I thought it was a stain.  It wasn't.  When I ran a vacuum over it, the "stain" started to disappear.   Our cat frequently slept under his bed.  It was a big gigantic spot consisting entirely of cat hair.  Ew!  Secondly, the carpet was full of sand and dirt and who knows what else, even after a couple of runs with the vacuum.  I gave up on it.  When I started to pull the carpet up, the pad underneath was completely disintegrating.  When I finally had it rolled up and carried out to the driveway, there was a thick coating of carpet pad dust heading down the stairs and out the door.  A little bit of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping took care of that.  I pulled out a few nails and caprt tacks and we now have a hardwood floor that is all set for refinishing someday.

The walls, however, could not wait.  They were also pink.  A baby pink that the starter wife had picked out 18 years earlier to match that terrible, awful carpet.  One of the reasons my husband was hesitant about moving into this room was because it was the master bedroom during his first marriage.  I convinced him that it wouldn't look anything like it did before.  For one thing, we don't own a waterbed.  I told him a coat of paint and different bedding would make a huge difference.
I have liked the look of chevron stripes for quite a while.  I found this pin and used its web link and another site that I don't have for a link as a guide.  It took ages to do.  I hated the prep work.  I painted the cream color first.  Then I marked the lines and taped them off.  This took me half a day and I wanted to scream because I was getting frustrated.   I then painted along the edge of the tape with the cream color so that would be the paint that seeped under the edge.  Let it dry.  Then I painted the grey stripes.  It felt like it took forever.  In actuality, it only took me about two and a half days to finish painting the entire room.  It would have taken less time if I wouldn't have gone to a baseball game that weekend.  Also, having a level, preferably a laser level, would have helped a lot.  I measured with a ruler and marked all my little points that way.

Here is the finished wall.
You can see the color of the walls before.  Not exactly a color that I wanted to associate with my marital boudoir.  I don't have any before pictures of the room with the carpet or mess.  This was done about nine months before I started this little old blog.  I also suck at taking pictures.  Seriously.  I never have a camera in hand and we don't have cell phones to take pictures.  Here's the other picture that I have of the wall, except with furniture in front of it.
You can't tell from this photo but the door is just propped up in the frame.  I had not hung it yet.  There is also a fat cat named Buttons trying to sneak out before I could use her as a photo prop.

We (again, I) plan to do this room in purple, grey, and yellow.  Since I've painted the room, nothing else has been done.  That's one of the joys of having no extra money.  I would like to paint the headboard but my husband comes from a woodworking family and painting wood is a cardinal sin.  I'll prevail in the end.  I always do.

If you want to see some of the ideas I have for finishing up this room, check out my bedroom board on Pinterest.

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