Monday, July 22, 2013

Pulaski Polka Days

I had good intentions to get things done this weekend.  In reality, I had a much better time relaxing with my husband.  Saturday was just a nice morning.  We sat outside because it was finally cool.  We grilled hot dogs for lunch and just  lazed about.

That afternoon, we headed out to Pulaski Polka Days.  I know.  It sounds like something only old people would go to.  Even Ken was not too keen on going.  That may have been more because he is dealing with sciatica right now.  He's been in a lot of pain lately.  But polka music is a lot like Mexican music.  It's not the oompah bands like most people think.  It's very lively and fun to dance to.  When I was growing up, all my cousins had polka bands at their weddings.  The dance floor was always full at those weddings. 

Back to what we did.  When we arrived, we walked down the street and looked at what people were selling.  The stuff we could afford, we didn't want or need and the stuff we loved we couldn't afford.  We did find a vendor who was selling handmade wooden toy cars for $1.50 each.  That is an amazing price.  I wish we had little people to buy them for.  We did get grilled corn on the cob and root beer floats.  Delicious!

We headed down to grounds and headed to one of the tents to listen and watch.  It is almost impossible to be unhappy when listening to polka.  I loved watching the dancers the most.  It is amazing how much energy it takes to dance.  If you think you are in shape, dance the polka and find out how wrong you are.  It was wonderful to see all ages out their dancing from little kids and teenagers to little old married couples.  People who you wouldn't think could dance all day were out there doing it.   My favorite was this very elderly couple.  He was so tall and she only came up to a little above his waist.  They were out dancing most of the evening.  So cute!  I wish I had video of the dance floor when it was full but I never think ahead like that.  The video below gives a small idea of what it is like. 

I got a handful of pictures of the full dance floor but they didn't turn out very well.  I'll let you see them anyway.  It gives you an idea of how crowded it was. 

Sadly, I only got to dance twice.  Even dancing slowly is a bit vigorous, so Ken couldn't dance with me.  So when our older son and his friends stopped by us to chat, Ken asked one of our son's friends to take me out on the floor.  He is an excellent dancer and I am not so it was a teaching moment for me.  We basically promenaded around the floor while I learned the basic steps.  I was winded after one dance so I had to take a break.  A few songs later, this man from Minnesota asked me to dance.  I only danced twice all night but still had a great time.  We were ready to head home a little after 10:00 because of my honey's poor back.

We will definitely head back next year.  We'll even dance.  We may even enter the dance contest because with a little practice, we could definitely smoke most of the contestants that were out there this year.  I'm just saying.  Except for one couple, the others were lumbering drunks. 

If you have anything like that near you, you should definitely check it out.  For now, I'll just leave you with a little video of one of my favorite songs to sing along to.

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